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Top Questions to Ask Your Local Mover

Get Ready to Move Out

When preparing to move, choosing a reputable and experienced local mover who can handle your belongings safely and securely is crucial. But with so many moving companies out there, how do you know which one to choose? Here are some crucial inquiries to put to any prospective local moving business before you make your final decision:

1. How long has the company been in business?

This question will give you a good indication of the company’s experience and track record. A business that has been around for a while is probably more reliable and reputable than a new company.

2. What kind of insurance does the company have?

Verify the company’s insurance coverage before choosing it in case of any accidents or damage to your belongings. Local movers are required to have a license. This is to confirm their credentials to operate in a specific area. Moving companies that don’t have the needed licenses are not able to operate legally in a specific area or state.

3. What is the company’s policy on cancellations or changes?

Find out what the company’s policy is in case you need to cancel or make changes to your move. Some companies may charge a fee for cancellations, so it’s important to know this in advance.

4. What kind of customer service does the company offer?

Find out what kind of customer service the company offers in case you have any questions or problems during your move. A good company will offer friendly and helpful customer service.

5. What are the company’s rates?

Be sure to get a written estimate of the company’s rates before you make your final decision. Make sure that all charges are included in the estimate, such as fuel surcharges, insurance, and any other fees.

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