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How to Save Money When Hiring a Local Mover

Money Saving Ideas  

Decrease you weight.

Donate or throw away any things you no longer need. Do a garage sale, give books to friends, the library, or sell them to a book store. Anything you are unable to sell, donate to your local charity. Weight is the same as money. Less weight equals less money. This is doubly so with a local mover.

Move in the off season.

Choosing the best time will also save you money when moving. Off-season is anything except June or July, and any time other than the first and the last date of the month. Should you have more flexibility, speak to your local mover, and see if they will offer you a discounted deal.

Book early.

The faster you book a mover, the less likely you will be charged a higher charge. Should you be moving at the last minute and need movers within 2 weeks of moving, the chances are they will charge you more simply because of the inconvenience of fitting you in. This isn’t always true, however, the golden rule will be to always book early when possible.

Be flexible on what time movers can pick up your belonging, and when they deliver them. Should you be willing to work with their time frame, ask them for a discount in exchange. To help you with your time frame, it’s an excellent idea to first determine your moving in and moving out date, this is essential to know before booking a mover.

Moving companies provide various services, and charge for each one. Ask about what charges could arise when you move and the fees that go with these services. Services could range from accessory, expedited service, flight, long haul and long carry charges. They can be avoided or calculated into the charges should you plan well in advance.

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