Why Would You Need Professional Help?

Reasons Not to Use Amateur Moving Services

We all know how stressful moving is. Packing your whole life up, and moving to a new place is bad enough, having to deal with the process of packing a whole house up or business, is even worse. We, at Columbus Moving Movers Company, based in Columbus OH, are here to take the stress out of all this for you.

We have been established in Columbus OH now for a number of years. And have built up an excellent reputation, for being professional, and treating everyones treasures like they were our own. We have lost count how many people have spoken to us, about the horror stories they went through using an amateur mover.

One particular client springs to mind. They used top level moving services many years ago, and of the items that they wanted moved was their baby grand piano. Our moving services experts know that before anything can be moved, they have to assess the items in question. Many specialist pieces, like a baby grand piano, need extra special attention. They have to be properly cased, so not to move or become too unstable whilst in transport, or in some cases need tuning again. Well yep, you guessed it, this was not done. My clients prized possession was scratched, and the sides were damaged.

Our moving services use only the best quality movers. Each member of staff was throughly vetted and security checked, before they came to work for us.

Before we take on a job, we will come to your place of residence, or commercial property, to assess what exactly needs moving. Once we are in receipt of this knowledge, we will walk you through our process. This will give you peace of mind that we are highly professional in everything thing we do. We have all the packing equipment to perform any job, no matter how big or small.

Any delicate china you may have, will be individually wrapped ensuring no damage what so ever will happen to your treasures.

Leave your moving in our capable hands, and let us take the stress out of it for you. Our prices are very competitive, and we offer discounts to students, senior citizens, and first time users, just mention the ad in our website.

If you are not yet convinced, we also do emergency moves, showing our valued, often repeat clients, how serious and dedicated we are to the job.

Call (614) 254-5691 now for a free estimate. We will gladly answer any of your questions.

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